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A Welcome to the Star Cricket Club - by The Club President

The Star Cricket Club was founded in 1984 by a group of like-minded people who felt that Cricket should be fun. The club plays out of the Star Public House in Bath, and has been well supported by the pub during its existence.

The club was originally formed to play in the then Bath Pub League, but within a few years it was decided that we would only play friendly fixtures. Having had several very succesful years playing many of the local villages around Bath, it has been decided that we need to up the stakes a little and join the North Somerset Sunday League. This still gives us time to play friendly fixtures at the beginning and end of the season as well as during the week.

The Star C.C. continues its philosophy that first and foremost cricket should be fun. Although we have a strong will to win and play to a good standard, humour and banter on the pitch are positively encouraged.

Alastair Steel